our pure expertise recommendations helps you boost your fashion statement; all you need to do is just touching the order button.

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Fashion designer

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We cater to the requirement of dress for people with varying physical needs, shapes and sizes. With a huge number of skilled dressmakers and fashion designers, we aim to provide customized dresses such that they flatter the appearance of our customers and boost your confidence and fashion statement

sewing the dress which even have just an image in your mind (even as a hand draw) at a price you can afford on our platform as the global custom-fitted fashion platform, in any country, wherever you are lived.

We would allow you to select colors, fabrics, and other details before ever beginning your design process. With our dedicated personalized services, we make sure that you keep coming back to us.

Douman is a web-based business that enable and facilitate demand matching. We are one-stop shop of sewing services by our website and mobile software application. It classifies its dressmakers, fashion designers and fabric suppliers as independent contractors. An independent contractor is a non-employee who is running their own business

JOY OF ORDERING ON A Multisided platform

After seeing an increased need for online services, we developed douman's multisided platform, allowing dressmakers, fashion designers and fabric supplier to launch their online business. We are proud to empower individuals around the world. Everyone deserves run own business, and we are excited to see what they create. We believe every individual should have the power to create their own online store. If they can point and click, they can create an online store using our intuitive tools and Take their business to the next level.


We created Douman platform with the user's perspective in mind. We wanted to offer a platform that would require no additional skills or e-commerce experience. We keep it simple, so users can focus on creating an amazing virtual Sewing Atelier that reflects their skills and professions. Best of all - it's free. You can get online, showcase your business's name, or start selling your service right away.

 consistently try to find new ways to strengthen our customer partnerships by gaining an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and fashion specific requirements. With our deep understanding of each customer’s business, values and goals, we can develop services tailored to their individual needs and meet the requirements they impose on us as a sustainable supplier.


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